Does proc report support hover picture, which means, the picture is only eyeable when mouse is pointing to a specified cell?

As far I know, follwoing code will insert a picture in specified cell generted by proc report, :

compute &stories;
if(addFlag = 1) then do;
call define(col,'style','style={postimage=".\pic\new.png"}');

In this way, the picture will always be displayed. What code change can make the picture hover?

asked 05 Dec '11, 03:50

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beth zhao
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I believe you'll need to use javascript here (assuming your output is in HTML). Once you have the javascript portion worked out, you should be able to modify the proc report template to include it so that the script executes onLoad and makes your pictures display only when they are hovered over.


answered 19 Dec '11, 04:18

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MarkLamias ♦
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