Is there a performance difference between oracle via libname (sas/access) and using proc sql to do sql - pass-through ?

asked 23 Sep '11, 13:31

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It depends on many factors, but I've found pass-through queries generally return results faster because they push the processing to the database and then return the results only, in contrast to the alternative in which many rows are are returned to be processed on the machine where SAS is running.


answered 27 Sep '11, 17:00

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Rich is correct to some degree. With each new version of SAS, however, they have been making the LIBNAME engine smarter. So, for relatively simple queries and for SAS functions that have direct mappings inside of Oracle, the LIBNAME engine actually constructs the Pass-through SQL statement for you (in appropriate Oracle dialect) and sends it to the DB, so theoretically the performance would be the same.

However, if you want to do something very "Oracle-like" and use Oracle SQL constructs that are not present in SAS, then you'll have to use Pass-through. For example, Index "hints" syntax can be used in pass-through that can't be used via LIBNAME.

So bottom line, if its simple SQL, then LIBNAME is the same as Pass-through, otherwise, use Pass-through SQL for best performance.


answered 05 Dec '11, 11:12

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Not a precise answer to the quesiton, but if you do see a bit difference between passthrough performance and sas/access libnames then you can use

options sastrace=',,,d' sastraceloc=saslog nostsuffix; 
to find out exactly what SQL is being generated (and
options sastrace=none;
to turn it off again).

You may also see different results depending on whether you use the ODBC or ORACLE engines for your libnames.


answered 05 Dec '11, 11:31

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