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Does anybody know a way to provide a direct link to a SAS Web Report Studio 3.1 report from outside the WRS application?

A URL such as:


can be used to access a report if the browser is already in a WRS session, but if used from outside WRS (such as pasted into a browser, or linked on the Information Delivery Portal)

Regards -- Will

asked 02 Mar '11, 12:17

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As it turns out, this is embarassingly simple.

WRS reports can be linked in content portlets by searching for "SAS Reports" items, and simply adding them to the portlet.

The URL created is in the form: "http://portalServer/Portal/syndication.do?com.sas.portal.ItemId=Report%2Bomi%3A%2F%2FFoundation%2Freposname%3DFoundation%2FTransformation%3Bid%3DA12O0AB1.AB0012AB"


answered 07 Apr '11, 10:11

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I would open a support ticket for this. It's been a while, but I recall having some similar requirements a long time ago (before abandoning WRS in preference for custom-developed reports, but that's another story), and there were some potential approaches/solutions in the SAS 'Tool pool' (custom applications developed by consultants and made available on request to customers with similar needs).


answered 03 Mar '11, 01:58

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How can I find the "A12O0AB1.AB0012AB" part of the url? I need to create links like that one with a stored process, and the last part of that link seems to be dependent on user and page in the application.

(I want to send users to different tabs in SAS Enterprise GRC)


answered 08 Nov '12, 10:15

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edited 08 Nov '12, 10:16

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