Cross-posted to Joe's answer there looks pretty good, so please read that before posting any further answers here.

At work there are 2 sas servers I use. When I transfer a sas dataset from one to the other via proc upload, it runs at about 2.5MB/s. However, if I map the drive on one server as a network drive and copy and paste the file across, it runs much faster, around 80MB/s (over the same gigabit connection).

Could anyone suggest what might be causing this and what I can do either to fix it or as a workaround? If I can't find a single setting somewhere that controls this, I'm leaning towards splitting up my datasets into equal pieces and running lots of asynchronous rsubmits to upload all the pieces in parallel.

Would SAS FTP via filenames and a data null step be any faster than using proc upload? I might try that next.

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