Hi, I need big help here, since I've created 4 previous Macros/Function, I need to make a MAIN program which could call the previous 4 at the same time. Here is my code/step:

options sasautos=(sasautos mymacros) mautosource;

/ include previously defined macros / /Stage 1/ include %custchar(original.decode_cnsmp_03a, Output, original.d_spg_prop_Catg, model.mo_spg_txn_final_ess, model.acx_demo_ess, 'NAD', '17MAR2011'd); /Stage 2/ include %promo(original.gc_lkp, original.click_open_lkp_v1, original.d_prop_fcl_ess_v2, original.d_prop_ess_v2, work.out); /Stage 3/ include %model1(original.decode_cnsmp_03a, model.acx_click_ess, model.gc_cntc, original.gc_lkp, original.click_open_lkp_v1, model.gc_cntc_offer_lookup, original.d_prop_fcl_Ess_V2, original.d_camp_lkp_gcgmo_bt_v1, output, '17MAR2011'd); /Stage 4/ include %model1(original.decode_cnsmp_03a, model_1, promote_modelb1,PROMOTE_MODEL_GCGMO2,model.camp_notes_V1, model.brand_Cd, score,'17MAR2011'D);

In my Stage 5, I need to create a MAIN program which could recall/input the whole previous 4 programs and calculate the result I need on Stage 5, could someone help me out here.



asked 04 Jun '12, 12:50

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