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    <h3>What is it?</h3>

RunSubmit.com is a place to ask questions about using and programming SAS and SAS-related statistics, data mining, data management, and analysis questions.

Why do we need another SAS Knowledge Exchange

SAS-L is and has been a tool for knowledge exchange and, to a lesser extent, so has sasCommunity.org and the SAS Forums. However, there are some perhaps subtle but very important differences between these sites and RunSubmit.com. So, the primary distinctives of RunSubmit.com:

Clarity of Focus

RunSubmit.com is designed to be a Q&A site. The focus of the site is aggregating great answers to real-world questions. RunSubmit.com is NOT a discussion site. Although some discussion and dialog are possible, they are significantly less important than getting to the best answer to the question. RunSubmit.com is a Q&A Knowledge Exchange site. Although it has some wiki-like capabilities, it is not a community wiki. In the end, it's pretty one-dimensional. It is a place to ask (and answer) questions about programming and using the SAS system.

Collaborative Review (and Filtering)

RunSubmit.com is designed to allow the community to identify the best answers to questions through voting. This makes it easier for a new user asking a question or an experienced user asking a new question. This system of peer review and promotion of the best answers helps increase the signal-to-noise ratio, making it easier, faster and more efficient to get to the right answer.

Although both SAS-L and SASCommunity.org are useful, neither site has both of the elements listed above. While SAS-L is mostly focused on answering questions (there is obviously also a good bit of discussion), there is no organized or systematic way for the community to highlight the best answers to any given question. SASCommunity.org, while it does have more formal tools for collaboration (via the MediaWiki platform), it is pretty broad in its focus and Q&A is only a small part of that focus (and buried behind several layers at that).

What happens on SAS-L -- users with experience in different areas of SAS helping out those with questions -- is fantastic! If the same thing could happen in a way that helped the user to, again, sort out the signal from the noise; or bubble the best answers to the top, I think that could translate to an improved experience and a more persistent and accessible knowledgebase for all.

If you would like to find out more about this site - please see the frequently asked questions page.

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